For the 2023-2024 Academic Year, each meal plan comes with Swipes and FLEX Dollars. Sand Dollars may be reloaded through Blackboard eAccounts by any authorized user.

Swipes - One (1) swipe includes access to the all-you-care-to-eat dining at The Marketplace. Cadets may eat as much as they please, but unfortunately, will not be able to take meals to-go. For to-go meals, you may use FLEX Dollars, or Sand Dollars. Number of swipes resets every Sunday night and will not roll over to the following week. Swipes may also be used as "meal exchanges" at The Bistro and Morrow Cove.

FLEX - May be used at Morrow Cove, The Bistro, Grub Hub Program, Vending, and Food Trucks. FLEX Dollars will roll over from the Fall semester to Spring semester, but all unused FLEX Dollars will be forfeited at the end of the academic school year.

Sand Dollars - Let's say you run out of Swipes or FLEX Dollars, you may deposit money into your Sand Dollars account to use as "cash value." Sand Dollars are accepted at the same dining locations as with FLEX, but can also be used for laundry, and the campus bookstore.

Contact Karen Goble, General Manager

Yes, at-the-door rates will be as follows

    Breakfast - $13.00

    Lunch - $14.00

    Dinner - $15.00

Payment is accepted through debit or credit ONLY, as we are a cashless campus.

Yes, faculty and staff may purchase Marketplace meals at-the-door rate.

To purchase meals, you can pay the door fee, or add additional money to your Sand Dollars balance through Blackboard eAccounts. To upgrade or change meal plans, there will be a deadline to do so at the beginning of the year/semester

Yes, online ordering will be available through Transact in the Bistro; and you are still able to view nutritional information on the Everyday app.

ALL cadets living on campus are required to participate in a meal plan each academic semester.

No, because we are running on an all-you-can-eat schedule, food to-go is not an option at the Marketplace unfortunately. If you need to-go food options, or do not have time to sit and eat at The Marketplace, you may do a meal exchange at The Bistro or Morrow Cove, or use your FLEX Dollars or Sand Dollars at the other dining locations.